Chemistry Distrubition

Chemistry Distribution

Univar is a global chemical and ingredient distributor, and value-added service provider. Our suite of distribution services enables us to serve our customers everywhere, everyday, so that they have the products they need, when they need them.  

Warehouse Distribution

Univar's warehouse distribution business is the core of our operations. We purchase chemicals in truck load or larger quantities to connect large chemical producers with smaller customers. Our network of warehouses allows us to service most customers from multiple locations, enabling us to move products efficiently and economically on a real-time basis.
Direct Distribution

Univar's direct distribution business provides point-to-point logistics for full truckloads or larger quantities of chemicals between producers and customers.

Product availability and inventory management

We manage inventory to meet customer demands on short notice. Our role in the supply chain enables us to obtain access to chemicals in times of short supply, and our global distribution network permits us to stock products locally, enhancing just-in-time delivery and providing outsourced inventory management.
Technical expertise and specialized laboratories

We employ chemists, food technologists, and petroleum engineers to help our customers in the selection and formulation of chemicals to meet their specific performance needs. Univar has specialized laboratories dedicated to food, personal care, paints & coatings, household and industrial cleaning and energy to serve all of our customers' needs.
Blending and repackaging services

We provide our customers with a full suite of blending and repackaging services from specialty formulations to small orders. Our specialty chemical formulations meet specific customer performance demands.