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Trade Shows and Events

Find Univar at the following Trade Shows and Events.
Event Date Location Booth/Stand # Industry
World of Concrete

17-20 Jan. 2017

Las Vegas, NV       Coatings & Adhesives
Illinois Parks Conference 19-21 Jan. 2017 Chicago, IL       Minibulk
Southeast IFT Suppliers' Night 7 Feb. 2017 Atlanta, GA   Food Ingredients
Food Processing Expo 8-9 Feb. 2017 Sacramento, CA       Food Ingredients
Colorado Rural Water Annual Conference & Exhibition 13-17 Feb. 2017 Denver, CO   Water Treatment
Puget Sound IFT Suppliers' Night 21 Feb. 2017 Seattle, WA   Food Ingredients
Florida IFT Suppliers' Night 21 Feb. 2017 Orlando, FL   Food Ingredients
Delaware Rural Water Annual Technical Conference 22-23 Feb. 2017 Harrington, DE   Water Treatment
FIX* Food Ingredients eXpo: Oregon Section IFT 23 Feb. 2017 Portland, OR   Food Ingredients
Rural Water Association of Utah Annual Conference 27 Feb. - 2 March 2017 St. George, UT   Water Treatment
Southern California IFT Suppliers' Night 8 March 2017 Anaheim, CA   Food Ingredients
South Carolina Environmental Conference 12-15 March 2017 Myrtle Beach, SC   Water Treatment; MiniBulk
Twin Cities Holistic Symposium & Supplier Showcase (biennial) 21 March 2017 Minneapolis, MN   Personal Care
CoatingsTech Conference 22 March 2017 Cleveland, OH   Coatings & Adhesives
Western NY Institute of Food Technologists Suppliers' Night 28 March 2017 Rochester, NY   Food Ingredients
Pennsylvania Rural Water Association Annual Conference 28-31 March 2017 State College, PA   Water Treatment; MiniBulk
Cactus Section IFT Suppliers' Night 28 March 2017 Phoenix, AZ   Food Ingredients
North Carolina Waterworks Operators Assoc. 29 March 2017 Raleigh, NC   Water Treatment
United Association of Mobile Contract Cleaners (UAMCC) - New Jersey  3 April 2017 Atlantic City, NJ   MiniBulk
European Coatings Show 04-06 April 2017 Nuremburg,
 #7A-726 Case
Utech Las Americas 2017 04-06 April 2017 Mexico City, Mexico   Polyurethanes
In-Cosmetics 04-06 April 2017 London, U.K.  LL20 Personal Care
New York IFT Regional Suppliers' Night 5 April 2017 Somerset, NY   Food Ingredients
Wafertech Earth Week Show 17-21 April 2017 Vancouver, WA   ChemCare
Virginia Rural Water Association Conference  24-26 April 2017 Roanoke, VA   Water Treatment; MiniBulk 
Ohio Valley Section IFT Suppliers' Night  27 April 2017 West Chester, OH   Food Ingredients 
Southern Society for Coatings Annual Meeting & Technology Conference  April 30 - May 3 2017 Sarasota, FL    Coatings & Adhesives 
Maryland Rural Water Association Annual Conference 1-4 May 2017  Ocean City, MD    Water Treatment; MiniBulk 
Region VI Voluntary Protection Program Participant's Association Annual Safety Conference  1-3 May 2017 Little Rock, AR    ChemCare 
AAPS National Biotechnology Conference  1-3 May 2017 San Diego, CA   Pharma Ingredients 
Northern California IFT Regional Suppliers' Night 2 May 2017 Pleasanton, CA Food Ingredients
New York Society of Cosmetic Chemists Suppliers' Day 2-3 May 2017 New York City, NY Personal Care
St Louis IFT Regional Suppliers' Night 4 May 2017  St. Louis, MO    Food Ingredients 
Great Lakes Section IFT Suppliers' Night 9 May 2017  Battle Creek, MI    Food Ingredients 
Georgia Rural Water Association Annual Spring Conference   9-11 May 2017 Jekyll Island, GA    MiniBulk 
Eastern Coatings Show (biennial) 15-17 May 2017  Las Vegas, NV    Coatings & Adhesives 
North Carolina Rural Water Association Annual Conference & Expo 15-18 May 2017 Greensboro, NC   Water Treatment; MiniBulk
TCEQ Environmental Trade Fair and Conference  16-17 May 2017 Austin, TX   ChemCare; MiniBulk 
CPhI North America  16-18 May 2017  Philadelphia, PA    Pharma Ingredients 
Northeast IFT Regional Suppliers' Night 17 May 2017  Worchester, MA    Food Ingredients 
STLE (Society of Tribologists & Lubricant Engineers) Annual Meeting & Expo 21-25 May 2017 Atlanta, GA Local Chemical Distribution
Cleveland Coatings Society "Sink or Swim" 6-7 June 2017  Cleveland, OH    Coatings & Adhesives 
Intermountain IFT Regional Suppliers' Night 7 June 2017  Sun Valley, ID    Food Ingredients 

National Convention of Pest Controllers

11-15 June 2017

Monterrey, N.L., Mexico

 01, 02 Environmental 

SW Chemistry Workshop

19-22 June 2017

Santa Fe, NM

  Water Treatment
Latin American Coatings Show 20-2 June 2017 Mexico City, Mexico 22,24 CASE
IFT16 Annual Meeting & Expo (Institute of Food Technologists)  26-28 June 2017 Las Vegas, NV    Food Ingredients 
Alliance of Hazardous Materials Professionals National Conference  27-30 Aug. 2017   Ft. Worth, TX   ChemCare 
Voluntary Protection Program Participant's Association National Conference  29 Aug - 1 Sept. 2017  New Orleans, LA    ChemCare
South Carolina Rural Water Assoc. Annual Conference 11-13 Sept. 2017 Myrtle Beach, SC   Water Treatment; MiniBulk
WaterJAM 11-14 Sept. 2017 Virginia Beach, VA Water Treatement
AWT Annual Conference & Expo 13-16 Sept. 2017 Grand Rapids, MI Water Treatment
Sunscreen Symposium (biennial) 13-17 Sept. 2017 Lake Buena Vista, FL Pesonal Care
Longhorn Institute of Food Technologists Regional Supplier Night 14 Sept. 2017 Frisco, TX Food Ingredients
Coatings Trends & Technologies 14-15 Sept. 2017  Lincolnshire, IL   Coatings & Adhesives
Rocky Mountain Water Environment Annual Conference 17 Sept. 2017 Keystone, CO   Water Treatment
Metal Finishing Association of Southern California (MFASC) Supplier Showcase 26 Sept. 2017  Montebello, CA    MiniBulk 
North Carolina Waterworks Operators Assoc. Annual Fall School 27 Sept. 2017  Raleigh, NC    Water Treatment 
SupplySide West  27-28 Sept. 2017  Las Vegas, NV    Personal Care; Pharma Ingredients 
Polyurethane Technical Conference  2-4 OCt. 2017  New Orleans, LA    Coatings & Adhesives 
Western Coatings Symposium Show (biennial)  15-18 Oct. 2017  Las Vegas, NV    Coatings & Adhesives 
CPhI  24-26 Oct. 2017  Frankfurt, Germany   102D11 Pharma Ingredients 
California Society of Cosmetic Chemists (biennial)  25-26 Oct. 2017  Long Beach, CA    Personal Care 
WEASC Operator's Conference  26-28 Oct. 2017  Myrtle Beach, SC    Water Treatment 
IEA / CMTA Training Symposium & Conference  30-31 Oct. 2017  San Diego, CA    ChemCare 
Chicago Section IFT Suppliers' Night 8 Nov. 2017  Chicago, IL    Food Ingredients 
International Water Conference 12-16 Nov. 2017  Orlando, FL    Water Treatment 
North Carolina AWWA-WEA Annual Conference  12-15 Nov. 2017  Concord, NC    Water Treatment; MiniBulk 
AAPS Annual Meeting & Expo 12-15 Nov. 2017  San Diego, CA    Pharma Ingredients 
FIE 28-10 Nov. 2017 Frankfurt, Germany 08.OP.17 Food Ingredients

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