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Chemical Compounding

Everywhere, Everyday

Where do you find Univar’s products?

In sunscreens. Univar has an extensive portfolio for the development of sunscreens, emulsifiers, emollients, filters and actives. These ingredients provide a broad protection against UV rays, light textures, high spreadability and dry touch.


Blendas de Produtos Químicos em Geral

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Blending of Chemicals in General

Preparation and identification of the product within certain patterns, samples and packaging of bulk products and fractionation.

Fracionamento e Reembalagem

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Fractioning and Repack

Handling, packaging and fractionation of the product in packaging of smaller capacity, in the right dosage for use in the production line.

Elaboração de Documentos

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Preparation of Documents

Preparation of documentation (MSDS and Emergency Sheet Product).

Terceirização de Análises Laboratoriais

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Technical Support and Outsourced Lab Tests

Modern technologies and centralized management. New and calibrated equipment by standards traceable.

Coleta e Descarte de Resíduos

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Waste Collection and Disposal

Co-processing, from collection to product certification discarded.

Upcoming Exhibitions and Events

Visit with Univar’s industry experts at upcoming events taking place around the world.

This website uses cookies to make your browsing experience more efficient and enjoyable

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